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Sheena Urdaz, PA-C

sheena urdaz, PA-C

Internal Medicine

Palm Beach Gardens, Boynton Beach, FL

Sheena Urdaz is a board-certified Physician Assistant who specializes in Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine. She was holistically trained in Greece before completing her Bachelor of Science from Penn State University in Life Sciences with a minor in Theater in 2007. She completed her graduate training in 2014 with South University in Savannah, GA. After practicing in rural Georgia for one year, she moved to Palm Beach County in 2015 where she has been practicing medicine since. Sheena has gained experience in a variety of medical settings including Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Primary Care, Women’s Health, Urgent Care, Occupational Health, Rehabilitation, Teaching, and Mentorship. Sheena is a leader in the healthcare industry, an expert in combining both allopathic and holistic medicine, and focuses on naturopathy. She is dedicated to treating the whole person versus the symptoms of disease. In her free time she enjoys frequenting the gym, traveling, camping, flow arts, and spending time with her family and friends.

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