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Podiatric Medicine Services

Diabetic Foot Care

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to Diabetic Foot Care.  Our physicians are skilled at evaluating the diabetic foot and identifying issues before they develop into limb-threatening infections.  Diabetic patients are recommended to have a comprehensive diabetic foot exam every 9 weeks or as directed by their primary care physician.

Sport Injuries

Each type of athlete faces unique foot and ankle challenges related to his or her sport.  Our well-trained physicians realize this and are trained to analyze the mechanism of injury thoroughly.  It is our goal to evaluate, treat, and prevent future injury in all athletes

Pediatric Care

Our pediatric patients are treated with concern and compassion.  All of our physicians are parents as well and know that being in the doctor’s office can be a frightening experience for young children.  For that reason, our entire staff is trained to treat our young patient’s with a smile on their face and kindness in their hearts.

Traumatic Injury

Whether it be a car accident, falling at home, or while engaging in exercise, accidents happen and they happen quickly.  Our physicians and staff are trained to screen, evaluate, and treat accident victims promptly in an attempt to avoid future disability.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Our board-certified physicians together have over 40 years of experience in the ever-expanding world of podiatric surgery.  Our surgically trained doctors strongly believe that educated patients are patients better able the help themselves.  After all conservative efforts are exhausted, our well-qualified physicians can assist you in choosing the best surgical option for your ailment.

Lower Extremity Vascular Assessment

If left undiagnosed, lack of blood flow to the foot, ankle, and leg can result in loss of limb or life.  Our physicians are trained to fully evaluate a patient’s vascular status.  If a patient’s circulation is assessed to be poor the appropriate tests and referrals can be made to prevent future complications.

Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery

Patients take comfort in the fact that our physicians are well trained in diagnosing, assessing, and treating complicated foot deformities of all ages.  This includes but is not limited to collapsed arches, traumatic injuries, sports injuries, and tendon tears.  All options both conservative and surgical are outlined in detail so that you, the patient, can make the best decision regarding your foot and ankle health.

Conservative Foot, Ankle, and Leg Treatment

Although well trained with regards to the leg, ankle, and foot surgery, our patients take comfort in knowing that our physicians are trained to exhaust conservative measures prior to taking a patient to surgery.  If surgery is recommended, it is deemed fully necessary and will be executed with skill, compassion, and attention to detail.

Nerve Pain Therapy

A debilitating condition, nerve pain affects many in our practice.  It is vitally important when treating this condition that a physician evaluates the cause of the pain and not merely treat the symptoms.  Our physicians and staff take a complete history to fully assess the source of the pain after which the appropriate diagnostic testing can be ordered to give a comprehensive view of the condition.

Custom Orthotics

Faulty biomechanics can lead to many foot and ankle ailments resulting in long-term pain and disability.  Our physicians and staff are trained to fully evaluate your foot structure and gait to recommend the appropriate custom-made insert for your shoe when deemed medically necessary.

Advanced Toenail Care

Not only does our practice treat toenail conditions, but we are also well trained in all aspects conservatively and surgically.  This includes but is not limited to fungal conditions, ingrown toenails, and other conditions causing toenail deformity.

Adult and Pediatric Flatfoot Evaluation and Treatment

Flatfeet can be a serious condition with disastrous long-term consequences.  It is vitally important that patients with a flatfoot condition be fully evaluated and treated to prevent future pain, deformity, and gait instability.

Comprehensive Wound Care

Our physicians are comprehensively trained in all aspects of lower extremity wound care.  On staff at wound care centers in 3 major local hospitals, your wound care needs are fully taken care of by our surgically trained physicians.

Lower Extremity Skin Conditions

Skin conditions can be bothersome at the very least and limb-threatening at the very worst.  Bring your skin-related concerns with you to your next appointment and our physicians and staff will evaluate, diagnose, and treat your ailment with care and compassion.

Fracture Care

A fracture is a broken bone and can happen anywhere and at any time.  If a patient has had an accident or has unexplained pain and swelling our staff is trained to offer an immediate appointment to assess for underlying fracture or deformity.

Tendon Injury

Tendon injuries come in many forms and are not limited to athletes or patients who have undergone trauma.  The first sign is often pain in the lower extremity that is not explained.  A full lower extremity evaluation is essential for all patients that have pain and swelling in an extremity.

Foot and Ankle Arthritic Pain

Arthritis in the foot and ankle are common in today’s society.  What many are not aware of is that there are different types of arthritis that have the distinct capability of damaging the joints of the lower extremity resulting in severe pain and disability.  If you suspect arthritic changes in your feet or ankles a full lower extremity evaluation is essential.

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